US Citizenship Guide – Do You Need the Test?   July 15th, 2011

A common question that bothers most people who’re planning to apply for US citizenship is whether or not they’ll need to pass the famous test that will prove their knowledge of the nation’s history, traditions and culture. And while the majority do have to go through that procedure in the end, if you fit in some specific categories you may not have to!

Basically, you have to be born to US citizens (anywhere in the world), or on US soil (by parents of any citizenship). Your parents need to file documents for your citizenship as soon as possible after your birth, though generally this can be done at any point in the child’s life.

If you meet any of those requirements you’ll be eligible for citizenship without having to pass the test. However, if you don’t, you’ll need to spend some time preparing yourself with a US citizenship guide, so that you’ll know what questions to expect on the test, and what answers you should give to be as satisfying as possible. There are plenty of ways to win over the hearts of those who’re examining you even if you’re lacking in your knowledge a bit, so be confident and persistent!

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